Workpackage 02: Prospective CULPRIT-SHOCK registry

Workpackage leader

Holger Thiele


Objectives of the Workpackage

The main objective of workpackage 02 is:

  • To set-up a multinational European collaborative network of tertiary care centres for enrolment of patients with AMI and cardiogenic shock qualifying for the registry
  • To obtain ethical approval for all participating centres according to the respective laws and rules in all participating countries for registry patients
  • To include patients not eligible for randomization (WP01) into the registry
  • To describe the reasons for inclusion into the registry and the 30-day outcome of patients with cardiogenic shock after AMI non-eligible for the randomized CULPRIT-SHOCK trial
  • To perform intermediate and long-term follow-up at 6 and 12 months to further define the outcome of patients with cardiogenic shock in the registry





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