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Prof. Dr. med. Holger Thiele


Prof. Dr. med. Holger Thiele
Project Coordinator

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The Universitaet zu Luebeck, Medical Clinic II with the department of Internal Medicine/Cardiology

Campus Luebeck
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23538 Luebeck




PD Dr. med Steffen Desch

Medical Clinic II

WP8 Leader

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Dr. med. Alexander Joost

Medical Clinic II

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Dr. med. univ. Georg Fürnau

Medical Clinic II

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Dr. Roza Meyer-Saraei

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Institute Presentation

The Universitaet zu Luebeck is a high-volume university tertiary care centre. Currently, the Medical Clinic II with the department of Internal Medicine/Cardiology of the Universitaet zu Luebeck has 110 beds. The department offers 24 h PCI capability performs approximately 4.200 diagnostic coronary angiographies including more than 1500 PCI/annually and is equipped with a 17 bed intensive care unit which is highly experienced in the treatment of cardiogenic shock. All relevant percutaneous insertable left ventricular assist devices are available.

The Universitaet zu Luebeck with its newly elected director has long-standing experience with research in cardiogenic shock with multiple trials performed in this setting. Furthermore, the largest randomized trial in cardiogenic shock has been set-up, performed and coordinated by the director of the Universitaet zu Luebeck. This institution is also a lead institution of the newly founded German Centre for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK) which aims at performing large clinical multicentre trials.

Prof. Dr. Holger Thiele is the coordinator of the CULPRIT-SHOCK project and has substantive expertise in the conduct of large-scale randomized trials in particular in cardiogenic shock and acute coronary syndromes. He has published >150 peer-reviewed articles with a cumulative impact factor of >1200. He is reviewer and advisor of the German/Austrian S3-guideline in cardiogenic shock treatment, lead author of the chapter “cardiogenic shock” of the PCR EAPCI Textbook and also involved in the current consensus document on cardiogenic shock treatment of the Acute Cardiovascular Care Association (ACCA) of the ESC. Furthermore, together with Prof. Dr. Uwe Zeymer he is the national coordinator of the commentary to the ESC STEMI guidelines.


The CULPRIT-SHOCK Consortium consists of 17 partners from 11 different EU member states as well as Switzerland.

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CULPRIT-SHOCK Workpackages

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