Interview with Dr. Steffen Schneider, Institut für Herzinfarktforschung, Ludwigshafen

What is your teams’ involvement in the project?

The involvement of IHF team is as follows:

·         Development of statistical concept of CULPRIT shock

·         Electronic CRF and trial database

·         Guidance of sites (initiation visits, monitoring, and close-out visits)

·         Statistical analyses

·         Support of publications and presentations

·         Writing of study reports


What in your opinion is the innovative capacity of the CULPRIT-SHOCK trial and its results?

The CULPRIT shock trial and it results shows the importance of funding programs for clinical trials. Independent from economic interests, cardiologic research must be possible.


What needs to happen in your view in cardiogenic shock to say, “a dream has come true”? 

In my point of view, it will be important that we use the established scientific cooperation with sites in different countries for further research in the field of cardiogenic shock. That is my “dream”.

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