What is CULPRIT-SHOCK about?

CULPRIT-SHOCK is expected to clarify the role of different percutaneous revascularization strategies in patients with cardiogenic shock secondary to AMI and multivessel disease. Current evidence is characterized by a lack of randomized controlled clinical trials. Clinical practice is therefore based on observational studies and expert opinion. Recognition of the deficiencies of the current knowledge base and the perception that these can only be overcome through the acquisition of randomized data was the main impetus for foundation of the CULPRIT-SHOCK consortium. Upon completion, CULPRIT-SHOCK will be the largest randomized controlled clinical trial in patients with cardiogenic shock ever conducted and will inform patients, health care providers, and decision-makers about which percutaneous revascularization strategy is most effective.

All CULPRIT-SHOCK partners are committed to communicate science to the professional and public audience in a responsible manner. This includes several aspects such as integrity of scientific data and timely dissemination of results to the largest possible audience including the CULPRIT-SHOCK consortium, the scientific community, stakeholders and the public. this section informs about the progress in due course.

In the meantime, we would like to invite you to visit the pages presenting information about the international CULPRIT-SHOCK team and the scientific objectives and structure of CULPRIT. Thank you for your patience.


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